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Broadway Church of Christ releases an in-depth magazine on a quarterly basis. This magazine covers information about almost every ministry at our church, as well as promoting upcoming events and activities. Select articles from this magazine will be posted below. The full PDF of the magazines can be found at the bottom of this page. 

90 Years and Counting

by H. E. “Gene” Whitney
Memories of Broadway Church of Christ from 1930 to 2020.

My parents, Henry and Lola Whitney, moved from Paris and Leonard, Texas, to Lubbock in 1923. They soon began attending Broadway Church of Christ, then located in a large brick building at Broadway Street and Avenue N.

I came along in 1930 and, of course, was brought to church as a baby.


From Generation to Generation

by Kay Burnam Evans

Some seventy-three years later, it is difficult for me to be sure just what drew my parents to Broadway when our family moved to Lubbock in 1947, but I suspect the fact that they sensed early on the emphasis this particular congregation placed on its own youth, as well as on that of the myriad of young people brought to its doorstep by Texas Technological College, was a major factor.


A Wonderful Life

by Barbara Stanford
My name is Barbara Jean Vandiver Stanford.  I was born in Denton County at a little country hospital on August 3, 1940, a preemie weighing in at 3 ½ pounds, to Beulah and Clarence Vandiver and big brother Curtis, age 8.   I am told that they kept me alive by packing hot water bottles around me.  It seems that God’s hand was on me because my mom had lost a precious little preemie girl named Doris in 1932. 


Special Memories of Broadway

by Kenneth Kerr
Having been a member at Broadway for eighty (80) years, I have many memories of my years here. Some of my early memories took place at the old building located at Broadway and Ave. N. The entrance to the building faced south and there were over fifty steps leading to the auditorium. Once inside there were two doors that separated the foyer from the auditorium. Inside the auditorium were two rows that led to the front and a small balcony above.


130 Years of Worship

by Gary Moyers

As someone who oversees worship here at Broadway, I’ve been interested in our history and the story behind it. These occasion of our 150th anniversary seemed an excellent time to dig a little deeper.

As is often the case with history, stories from ages beyond our current lifespan proved hard to come by. The fist mention of worship I could find was in regard to the original settlers of Lubbock and founders of Broadway.


Growing Up at Broadway

by Emily Young Lemley

As my brother said when he was a toddler, “I was born going to that church.” Broadway was my parents’ first ministry, so my first twelve years were spent at the Broadway church. At church I felt totally loved by the whole world (don’t worry, I know better now). But back then, Broadway was my world, and it was known for its magnanimous, open-handed spirit. What a blessed beginning!



by Gordon Anderson
Gordon Anderson made his first appearance at Broadway not in a suit and tie, but wrapped in a blanket in his mother’s arms. The years was 1928 and he was only a few weeks old. Fast forward 92 years, and Gordon Anderson is still a member of Broadway Church of Christ. Gordon’s first memories of the church are from its former location at Broadway and Avenue N.


The Earliest Days of Broadway

by Deborah Bigness

On Sunday morning, May 25, 1890, about twenty people gathered at George Singer’s store in Yellowhouse Canyon for what was the first recorded religious service in the yet-unorganized Lubbock County. This multi-denominational group was 60% of the entire population of the county recorded in the 1890 census a few weeks later.


The Bigger Story

by Karl Ihfe
I, along with a few hundred thousand of my closest friends, have been captured by the musical, Hamilton, written by Lin Manuel Miranda. For many reasons Hamilton exploded into American culture lore soon after its Broadway debut in August of 2015. Since then Hamilton has inspired countless men, women, and children to investigate the theater for the first time (or the first time in a long time) and has piqued their curiosity when it comes to American history.



by Katie Baccus

2020 has been one for the books! I looked forward to this year with much anticipation for many reasons, including the final chapter of Family Nurse Practitioner school. I was set up to finish my clinical hours, coursework and graduate in May! When COVID first rolled around mid-March


Freedom Lost, Appreciation Found

By Kay Evans

By any standard one chooses, sixty-three years is a long time to be married; but, when the final nine weeks of that sixty-third year is spent in isolation with one another, it can seem even longer! In the admonitions given my husband and me by Norvel Young in the hallowed halls of the Broadway church on June 7, 1957,



by Sean Stalvey

Quarantine. When you look at a word for long enough, that particular word begins to look foreign, or alien, to your brain. It’s an interesting phenomenon, but I believe the word quarantine is strange all on its own: it holds a certain weight with it, a level of stress and heaviness that you can’t really put your finger on but you know it’s there.


Returning Home

by Austin Moyers

In August of 2019, my wife and I packed up to move to St. Andrews, Scotland, so that I could pursue a master’s degree in Theology and the Arts from the University of St. Andrews. As we were packing and making our preparations to leave, it felt like a dream. It was still unbelievable that I had been accepted to the program, and it often felt crazy and reckless to have said yes.


A World Changed Forever

by Amber McWilliams

On March 27th, my world in the pharmacy would change forever.

First let me explain what I do for a living. My name is Amber McWilliams, I am 36 years old, and I am a Pharmacy Discharge Technician at a local hospital. My job is to deliver medications to the floors to the patients that are being discharged from the hospital.


Your Calling

by Rodney Thomas

In 587 B.C. the people of Israel were sent into exile, their Temple was destroyed, their capital city and their nation were in ruins. You have to wonder what the people were thinking? Were they thinking that the God of Israel was not as strong as the gods of Babylon? Were they thinking this is the end of the dream, the dream that Israel would be used by God to bless all the nations of the world?



by Karl Ihfe

A lot has changed in a couple of months. So much of “normal” life has either disappeared, never again to return, or has moved online. If you haven’t heard of the company Zoom by now, you’ve either been totally off the grid or you just aren’t paying attention. The vast majority of my face to face interactions have been replaced by screens, everything from staff meetings to prayer groups to grocery shopping.



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