Worship Planning Teams

Our goal is to develop worship services that represent our entire church family. While this is not feasible every Sunday, we want a long-term look at our services to reflect that goal. To accomplish this, we’d like to build a 4-team worship planning committee consisting of people of all ages.


This team, which is headed by Karl Ihfe, sets the direction for our services thematically. They do the long-term planning, up to six months out, for what we will be studying on any given Sunday morning.


This team will take the theme for a Sunday, as defined by the Direction team, and brainstorm elements that could be used for that day. Songs, videos, drama – nothing is out of bounds. Their job is to simply fill a toolbox with ideas. This is a fun team to work with. They are most successful when they work at least 4-6 weeks out from any given Sunday.


This is the team that puts it all together. They take the theme from the Direction team and the ideas from the Toolbox team and form it all into a worship order. This works best when it is accomplished at least 3 weeks out from any given Sunday. That allows for any extra work that needs to be done, such as video production, drama rehearsal, art creation, etc.


This one is pretty simple. This small team is given a sheet on Sunday morning that tells them the theme and ideas we are trying to present. They basically tell us if we hit the mark or not. This team rotates more often, so as not to impede people from worship (which reviewing tends to do).
If you are interested in helping with worship planning, or if you just want to find out more, please contact Gary Moyers at 806-763-0464. Or you can email him at g.moyers@bwaychurch.org.