Thank you for your patience over the past several months as we’ve worked our way through the restrictions in place due to the Covid-19 virus. After a long period of virtual-only worship, we began gathering together again this past August. This is an update on what you will experience at one of our Sunday morning gatherings.
Your safety is our highest concern for our gatherings. With that in mind, masks are required at all our public functions. Regardless of your stance on facial coverings, we ask you, as does Philippians 2, to consider others more important than yourselves, looking not only to your own interests but also to the interests of others. Thank you for your help in this matter.
Also, we ask that you strive to continue social distancing. Please refrain from physical contact (shaking hands, hugging, etc) and stay separated by at least 6 feet. The seating in our auditorium has been partitioned so that everyone is separated by at least one row. On those rows, we ask that only family groups sit together. Please leave space between each other on the row if you are not in the same family group.
If you are immunocompromised, or particularly concerned about distancing, the northwest section (front left while facing the stage) has been partitioned to have even greater distance from row to row. You are welcome to sit there. Also, the balcony is now available for seating.
Hand sanitizing stations are available at many locations throughout the building. Please feel free to utilize those as often as you wish.
Broadway Church of Christ offers communion every Sunday. In doing so, we want to make it safe and as contactless as possible. There are communion stations available in the foyer and at the front entrance. Please pick up a communion package as you enter the auditorium. It has been prepared in a controlled, sterile environment and is safe to consume. When communion has finished, hang on to the empty cups. Recycling baskets are available at the exits and we ask you to drop off the plastic cups, napkins and even your bulletins as you leave.
As with communion, we want to refrain from passing plates down the aisle. We have constructed offering boxes that are placed at the foyer exits. Each box has a slit in the top to deposit your checks, cash and Connection Cards. 
In order to maintain social distancing as we exit worship, we ask you to remain seated for just a moment at the conclusion of the service. We’ll be dismissing row by row, starting from the back of the auditorium. An usher will come by and let you know when it’s your turn to go. At that point, we ask you to please move on outside where you can fellowship and have a cup of coffee at the Garden Room patio.
Bible classes are available for all ages at 9:15AM. The same procedures will be observed regarding masks and social distancing.
If you have questions about our gatherings and procedures, please CONTACT US.