Video Production Team

If you’ve been at Broadway for any length of time, you’ve most likely seen Kaley Ihfe doing Broadway Today or one of our other video productions.
It’s fairly common for us to produce a couple of videos each week, sometimes more. Video production is somewhat intense and requires quite a bit of work. Fortunately, much of our process has become streamlined, which helps tremendously. Still, we are in need of help at times in the following areas:


Camera operators do multiple duties at Broadway. Obviously, we need someone to do the filming for our produced videos, and Gary handles most of that. The greater need comes when we require B-roll footage, video of things other than a talking head on screen. The more people we have collecting extra footage of Broadway’s events, the better. Even today’s smartphones deliver high quality video.


This one takes some specified software and experience. If you have some knowledge in linear video editing, using programs like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut, then this might be for you. Once all that footage is shot, someone needs to put it together. This would be the editor.


This is the person who delivers the voiceover or speaks directly to the camera, like Kaley. 90% of our videos are shot with a teleprompter, so memorization or impromptu speaking aren’t that big a factor. Still, being comfortable in front of a camera and speaking clearly, distinctly and slowly are important.
If you are interested in helping with video production, or if you just want to find out more, please contact Gary Moyers at 806-763-0464. Or you can email him at