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The Broadway Church of Christ’s small groups are known collectively by the name “Growth Groups.” The name signifies the goal of growth spiritually, growth in community, and growth numerically. Each group is different in composition, leadership style, and topic. Even though the groups are different, they are the same because they devote equal amounts of time to study, prayer, and fellowship. Growth Groups are about developing close personal relationships inside a large church. They are about developing accountability to and care for each other. Growth Groups are about growth in every way. Visit several groups and see where you are most comfortable. Come be a part of Broadway’s growth.

More than ever small groups are the place where people say they are making significant connections. At Broadway we want to help you get connected to a group of people where you can make great friendships, find significant interaction, create deep fellowship and help in times of trouble. There are many kinds of small groups. Some are focused on service. Others gather for times of prayer as the central point. There are groups whose function is largely accountability. A number of groups gather to discuss scripture or talk about new thresholds of life experience. All in all, there is a group for you. Let’s talk! We want you to experience life in a small group. Contact Rodney Thomas at 763-0464.