Broadway’s Shepherds/Elders strive to live up to their calling. All of our members are divided into “flocks” and each flock is assigned to one of our Shepherds.  They do their best to keep up with the members in their flock, visiting and praying for them weekly. Our Shepherds have also divided their ministry oversight responsibilities into three areas following our mission statement: Pursuing God, Building Community and Unleashing Compassion as well as Operations. 

Pursuing God Ministry

The Pursuing God ministry covers the following ministries: Sunday Morning worship, Audio/Visual, Prayer, Welcome/Coffee Shop, Communion, Adult Education, and Library. The Shepherds assigned to the Pursing God Ministry are:
Mark ThompsonMark Thompson
Tim MackTim Mack
Curtis Parrish
Steve StoneSteve Stone

Building Community Ministry

The Building Community ministry covers the following ministries: Children, Transit 56, Youth, LTC, Sonshine PreSchool, College/University, International Students, ISF, Men, Women, Seniors, Single Parents, Small Groups, and Special Needs. The Shepherds assigned to the Building Community Ministry are:
Garry BaccusGarry Baccus
David Doyle
Richard EvansRichard Evans
Troy Hooper
Jerry Hoover circleJerry Hoover
Gary LinkerGary Linker
Brooks Loveless circleBrooks Loveless
Brent MagersBrent Magers

Unleashing Compassion Ministry

The Unleashing Compassion ministry covers the following ministries: Missions, Prison/Jail, Correspondence, FriendSpeak, Sports, Benevolence, Prescriptions, Funeral Food, Clothing Store, Celebrate Recovery, Carpenter’s Kitchen, and Counseling. The Shepherds assigned to the Unleashing Compassion Ministry are:
Richard EvansRichard Evans
Tim MackTim Mack
Alex Weaver circleAlex Weaver

Operations Ministry

The Operations ministry covers the following ministries: Finance, Physical Plant, and Safety.  The Shepherds assigned to the Operations Ministry are:
Gary LinkerGary Linker
Larry Mullican circleLarry Mullican
Alex Weaver circleAlex Weaver