Serve on a Worship Team

People often ask how to go about singing with a worship team at Broadway. The opportunity to sing on a team is open to any Broadway member with the gift, talent and desire to do so. We encourage a wide age-range, from high school on up.

Multiple Teams

At this point, we have four full teams of singers and roughly 10 more people who sing as backup, filling in for others who cannot be present on any given Sunday. We reformat our teams every 18-24 months, changing members around and adding new ones.

Auditioning for the Teams

We treat auditions a bit differently than others might. There is no “formal” audition process. This is not American Idol. After an initial conversation with our Worship Minister, Gary Moyers, you may be invited to sing on an upcoming Sunday. This is a low-pressure situation, as your microphone will be turned off in the house speakers and kept lower in the monitors (except yours). This give you the chance to see if singing on a team is a good fit for you. It allows us to “audition” you and it allows you the chance to do the same to us.


At Broadway, we use Planning Center Online (PCO) for all our Praise Team communication. When you are scheduled to sing, you will be able to log into PCO and see the schedule at least a week ahead of time. PCO will also provide you the sheet music and recorded examples of the songs. We expect all our team members to listen and self-rehearse in advance. On Sunday, we meet in the auditorium at 8:15 AM and rehearse for an hour. That’s all there is! God takes care of the rest.
If you are interested in singing with the group, or if you just want to find out more, please contact Gary Moyers at 806-763-0464. Or you can email him at