Serve on the Audio Visual Team

Some of the most vital jobs on any given Sunday belong to people you rarely see, the Audio-Visual Team. Their job is to make sure that everything “tech” goes off without a hitch. Transparency is the key word. If you notice them, it usually means something has gone wrong and your ability to worship was hindered or distracted in some way. Because of that, we are in great need of volunteers. There are three main jobs:


The audio technician is the person who sits in front of that big, intimidating mixer and makes everything sound good. In actuality, it’s not that hard at all. If you have an ear for how things should sound, we can easily train you to run sound on our board. Through multiple hands-on training sessions and observation of others running the board, learning goes quickly. The most important aspect of this job is focus and thinking ahead.


The computer operator sits next to the sound board operator. This person is mainly in charge of advancing the slides for the worship service. This consists of hitting the right arrow button 100+ times every Sunday morning. They also launch the video stream to YouTube. Concentration is the key for this job. If you miss the button and the slide does not advance, well, we call it the “holy hiccup.” We try to avoid that.


The camera operator takes his perch in the balcony and is in charge of the camera and the internet feed. This person has 2 basic jobs: 1). move the camera to follow the action on stage, and 2). use the video mixer to choose what view (camera or computer) is being broadcast to the internet and to the TV’s throughout the building. It’s not a hard job, unless Gary Head is preaching and running across the stage unexpectedly.
If you are interested in helping with the AV Team, or if you just want to find out more, please contact Gary Moyers at 806-763-0464. Or you can email him at