Counseling – Randy Porter

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I received my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from ACU in 2001 after completing a Bachelors in Youth and Family Ministry. Between my time in school and my return to the Texas Panhandle, my family and I served as missionaries in Salvador, Brazil. We moved to the Panhandle in December 2012 and I began practicing at Broadway in September 2013 where I was able to complete my hours for licensure.
I have several interests, my God and my family being the two greatest. I am a Christian and was raised in a family of faith. My faith shapes how I see the world and my practice. I believe that it is in proximity to God that we come to know the truest versions of ourselves as He is the One who put us together. It is my hope to live out of God’s wholeness with my wife and three children as we serve God, one another, and the people he places in our lives. Honestly, there are times I struggle to live as I hope, which is both humbling and informing.
As a therapist, I attempt to remember my own experience as I sit with others. My goal is to be compassionate with struggles, hopeful for change, and helpful in growth. Change is difficult. Vulnerability is scary. Conflict can be painful. We need people in these spaces to help and to walk with us. When I reflect on who God formed me to be and how He shaped me through training and experience these are the spaces for which I believe He is inviting me to be available and why I do what I do.
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