prison icon colorThe Broadway Prison Ministry, Changing Lives-Life of Service, works humbly with the guidance of Broadway Elders. Our desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus as we minister in the jails and prisons. It takes both our correspondence and face-to-face relationships to grasp a token of evangelism with discipleship.
Whether it is stuffing corresponding envelops, grading lessons, looking up other churches to physically touch lives; we are there. Our ministry is the daily, weekly relationship building that shares a lifetime and a life long bond of love. This is the kind of relationship that we, here at Broadway Prison Ministry, promote everyday as we continue to make disciples through sharing God’s Love and His Amazing Grace (His Word). We not only minister to those who are physically in prison, but to their families as well who are mentally and emotionally in bondage for their loved ones. All recovery is in Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
Imagine standing in a room with men on dialysis machines or visiting them before the Lord takes them home, and though the physical body dies the soul rejoices with a peaceful smile. Imagine looking at God turn brokenness to wholeness from the inside out within the heart of his children.
The Broadway Prison Ministry holds our baptismal services at the Montford Unit usually in May and November each year. Just as we work within our city, our ministries reach out to both International and National entities, as well. We do believe that on hand contact is the first and most important relationship builder and our corresponding ministry works daily throughout the world.
We covet your support by prayers, partnerships, finances, and most of all your physical labor in volunteering within the walls, grading papers, sending mailings or responding to written letters.
We Need You! Prayerfully consider this opportunity and May God continue the Bless you richly. Feel free to contact me at Broadway Church office or/and Eddie Karl Harris – Prison Minister at (806) 559-9464.