Made for More Through Friendspeak

by Betty Mullican

Broadway is well over a 100 years old. It has seen its highs and lows, but God has been faithful. For a long time I wished for some outreach work that our people could get passionate about to give us more meaning and purpose. Broadway is “made for more.”

Then our missionaries, Tim and Becky, came home. They opened our campus center up, not only to our college kids, but our international students as well. That led to the beginning of FriendSpeak.

We had our first training in September, 2018. We were given a workbook with passages from the gospel of Luke.Our job was to help the students read the passages and answer questions to help them with their English. This seemed doable, not at all as daunting as knocking doors or traveling to a faraway country.

FriendSpeak gave new life to Wednesday nights. Chinese scholars from Tech came, plus students from other countries as well. These students brought an air of excitement, Chinese mommas and daddies coming in and out. Chinese children running around. And our people turned out. There were people coming on Wednesday nights who hadn’t come in years, retired people, college kids, and in between. All anxious to get to teach and share the word of God. Broadway is “made for more.”

I never dreamed I would have a Chinese friend, but this program brought a beautiful lady named Susan into my life. The first time we read together I noticed how smart and inquisitive she was. We read the birth of Jesus and she asked, “Is this like a Chinese fairy tale?”

Susan was venturing out eager to know our culture and customs. Yet she was afraid. Her home is only about two hours from the North Korean border and no Christian churches are visible. She was instructed by
the college where she taught not to go to Christian churches. But FriendSpeak opened the door for her because it is a program to help with English. Susan was “made for more.”

Twenty years earlier, Susan rode across China on a train, sitting by a young missionary from America. He shared with her his faith. And she never forgot his message.

Eager to know our culture, Susan also learned our faith. She noticed there was something different about us—our friendliness, openness, generosity and she said, “Christians are different.” It’s all because of Jesus.

All too soon it was time for her to leave. We had grown close, formed a friendship. Susan had been in my home for meals. We had made trips to Costco and eaten at Chick-fil-a. When our salads were placed on our table, she exclaimed, “Only in America.” She had found a freedom and a way of life unknown to her before. Susan was “made for more.”

This is what FriendSpeak is. It’s sharing and caring and walking with another person who needs Jesus. It’s friendship. I know you would be blessed to be involved. You are “made for more.”

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