It’s Time for Adventure

by Rodney Thomas
In 1980 I heard Charles Mickey, who was at that time the campus minister, preach and so I arranged to meet him in his office at 2406 Broadway, at what was called Campus Advance. I am not sure how long we talked, but as I was getting ready to leave I remember turning around as I was headed out the door and telling Charles that “It was Time.” He had challenged me about where I was with regard to my salvation. I told him that I thought I was okay, but deep down I knew that was not true.

Charles asked me if I wanted to wait until that night to be baptized, or if I wanted to call someone, but it was time and I could not wait any longer. We drove down to the church building at 1924 Broadway, and Maggie Orr and Eddie Pleasant went with us. I was baptized into Jesus Christ and everything changed. My life before this had been focused in a very different direction, but I now knew that all I wanted was to follow Jesus.

After I changed clothes, Charles took me home with him and I ate with his family. While there I phoned Michele and told her what had happened and I met her that night at a devotional at what is today the Christ in Action building. That was on March the 8th, 1981. Our life as a couple changed dramatically at that point. I began taking classes at Texas Tech University and then transferred to Lubbock Christian University to work on a degree which I completed in December of 1988.

On August 9th, 1989 our family and three other couples landed in London, England where we would begin a new time in our family life. With three small children (6, 5, and 2 years of age) we would work to plant a church in the northeast of England at a place called Washington. During this time Michele and I had many challenges and adventures. Michele served as the chairman of the board for many years for a large Women’s shelter, and as a school Governor; while I served on the board of 2 Asylum Seekers projects, on the board of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and as a Magistrate in the English court system from 2000-2006. I also completed a Masters in Theological Research and did the work on my PhD. at the University of Durham during the 17 years there.

I currently serve as Executive Minister for the Broadway Church of Christ. This adventure all began in a small office at 2406 Broadway, an office that continues to be used to meet with students and to proclaim to them the message of a savior who loves them and seeks relationship with them. The office looks almost the same is it did back in 1981 and I am sure as it had for many years before that. It is tired and run down, and yet the mission of proclaiming Jesus continues, and needs to continue. For this to happen we need to renovate this old building so that it can continue to change lives and be a part of setting the feet of young people on the path to their great adventure.

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