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The Broadway Church of Christ has a long history of missionary activity.  This missions emphasis continues in the current Mission efforts supported by the church.

Mission Training

We try each year to send students from our campus ministry and our youth ministry on some type of missional activity.  In the past we have supported young people on missions across the U.S. and even to China.  This has been done through participation in actual mission work as well as training courses such as those offered by Pioneer Bible Translators.

Nazareth, Israel

The Arab congregation in Nazareth is the only Church of Christ in Israel. In 2014, they celebrated their 50th anniversary, and continue to ask for prayers to reach the Arab speaking community around them. Broadway has taken responsibility as lead congregation for the support of this work.
Maurice & Inaam Jadon have been supported in Nazareth since 1971.
Nazareth Church of Christ
P.O.Box 2235, Nazareth, 16010, Israel

The Uzima Christian Training Center

The Uzima training center, located in Malindi, Kenya is part of the 20 plus years of ministry by the Talley family and the Beck family among the Giriama people.  This center provides spiritual training as well as job training for the people of this region and is now overseen by a board primarily composed of Kenyans.


Jason and Cathy Frances are supported by Broadway as the Campus Ministers with Hacienda of Hope and School of Hope in Tabacundo, Ecuador. Working along with Justin and Jauna Reeger, they provide spiritual direction for the residents at the Hacienda as well as the students and their families who attend the school. Jason is originally from San Jose, Costa Rica and attended the Quito School of Biblical Studies. Cathy grew up in Huntsville, Alabama and came to Ecuador to work at the Hacienda where she met Jason. They are the proud adoptive parents of Raquel, who is 4 years old. 
Hacienda of Hope Casilla 17-25-55 Cayambe, 170202 Ecuador, South America


March 2013 marked 36 years of faithful collaboration between 
 and the Broadway church, which began with the Triveños’ completion of coursework at Sunset’s Spanish School of Preaching in March of 1977. The Triveñoses, native to the region, understand the culture and religious roots from their Incan/Andean beliefs in ancestral deities and Catholicism.


This is a school for the training and spiritual growth of the people of Peru.  The primary emphasis of this school is to train church leaders who will work among the churches of Peru.  Currently, 333 people have been through the school at Tinta.

North Africa

Work fund support is also being given this year to a mission to North Africa among the primarily Muslim people living in the shadow of war and famine. Because this family lives in a very difficult and dangerous place, only limited information can be shared. Bryan and Libby form half of a Bible translation team for an unreached people group.  Libby will create an alphabet so that the native language can be written.  Bryan will labor to introduce villages to Jesus and plant churches in them.