circle moGary Moyers
Worship & Technology Minister – Ext. 211
Gary was born and raised in Lubbock, left the fold for a couple of decades (Read: away from Lubbock), and then returned home. What happened during those two decades? After graduating from Lubbock Christian University with a degree in Music Education in 1986, Gary spent a couple of years in Crane, TX teaching high school choir. After that, he answered the call to ministry and moved to Tennessee to be part of Acappella Ministries.
Over the next 15 years in his role as singer/musicianary, Gary toured around the world multiple times, performing over 1400 concerts. By the time his touring days were over, he had recorded 11 albums under the name Acappella, performed on and/or produced more than 30 other albums, and achieved a triple platinum status on the sales of the Acappella Company catalog.
In 2003, Gary moved to Corpus Christi, TX where he worked as Worship Minister for Christ Family Fellowship. From there, he served as Worship Minister at Golf Course Road Church of Christ in Midland, TX. In the summer of 2009, Gary and his family returned to the Lubbock area, settling in Shallowater. Gary joined the ministry staff on a full time basis on Oct. 1, 2014. He serves as Worship Minister and Director of Technology.
In his spare time, you’ll find him working with some of his former mates singing with Acappella Legacy (the current incarnation of Acappella), Chasing David (a contemporary Christian band with Kevin Schaffer and Duane Adams), Brazos West (a western cowboy band, e.g. Sons of the Pioneers) or just playing in various venues around town.