Family Promise

Family Promise
Family Promise is a long-standing organization in the Lubbock community. Comprised of more than 10 churches, Family Promise provides support for family units in the Lubbock area seeking extra support to get a fresh start on life. Oftentimes, the parents of these families are simply struggling to finish a GED in order to obtain better employment, or may have just picked up a night shift and have no means of support for their children during this time. The reasons for their need of support are many and varied.
Family Promise offers housing and meals, on a temporary basis, either in the host church buildings or in one of the several housing facilities owned by Family Promise. Each church is responsible for one week each quarter of the year. There are several ways to get involved on the church level with Family Support.

1. Bring dinner for the families. This would entail food preparation and serving on site from about 5:00 PM – 7:00PM.

2. Evening activities. All you do is show up from 7:00 PM till about 8:30 PM and play games, read books, etc. with the kids.

3. Overnight guests. Your job is to simply be present for overnight support. You are there from 8:30 PM till around 7:00 AM. All you do is be present. No meals need to be cooked. The kids should be in bed by 9:00 PM.

4. On weekends, you could just hang out at the Hope House. Everything is taken care of, so you just need to be there as a friend to play games, watch TV, etc.

Pam Evans put it this way: “I would love for every person at Broadway to receive the blessings of Family Promise. There is nothing better than seeing a family that is brought back together and given that peace and that hope, and some wisdom from outside professionals… it is just the most satisfying thing that I can think of. And sharing that with your children is even better.”

Anyone, anytime can be available for this ministry. To sign up, please contact Debbie Drury or call the church office. To learn more about Family Promise and how we can be involved, please read this document.