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This Sunday, August 2, we will have a live worship service beginning at 10:30 AM with mask required for everyone.



If you items that need to be communicated to our family please send them to Camille or Rodney via e-mail.  Please give us time to process your data.  Having your information by at least Thursday morning of the week you want it in the Family News is best.  If you have graphics or pictures give us more time please.  We need high quality graphics, the higher the better in most instances.

Extending Sympathy

Lee Lewis Beinrucker, mother of Jan Morgan, passed away on Thursday, July 24. Her memorial service was held Tuesday, July 21. Please keep Jan and the rest of her family in your prayers during this difficult time.

Extending Sympathy

Don Wickard, husband of Donna Wickard, and father of Brian and Allyson Sherrill, and grandfather of Rhett Sherrill, passed away on Friday, July 24. His public memorial service will be at a later date. Please keep the Wickard, and Sherrill families in your prayers during this difficult time.

New Baby Girl

Charlie and Samantha Holt welcomed a sweet baby girl, Maxine Olive Holt, on Tuesday, July 21.  She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 inches long.  Max’s grandparents are Ragan and Cherie Holt and her great-grandparents are Charles and Maxine Bolton and Patsy Holt.

July Budget

Contributions for July:  $86,064

Budget for July:  $114,800

Behind in giving for the year:  $96,054

Family Promise

It is that time again!  Broadway is responsible for Family Promise again starting on Sunday, August 2.  We still just have the one family and they are at the Sondra Song house.  Rachael and her family have been in the program since our rotation in January.  They are a beautiful family with 4 children ranging from 8 months to 14 years old.  Racheal got her CNA certification since our last rotation and is aiming for nursing school.  

Family Promise is still not having us stay with the family but just furnish some groceries and meals for each night.  The meals can be as simple as gift cards where Racheal will pick up dinner or a home cooked meal delivered at the door step.

This is such a simple way to make a difference in this families life without much effort on our part.  Thank you to each of you that have helped out the past couple of rotations and to those who feel lead to help out this upcoming week.  

If you have any questions or concerns just let me know.

Debbie Drury

(806) 535-6138
Funeral Service
There will be a memorial service for Lyman Nedeau on August 1st at Resthaven’s Chapel at 10:00 AM.  Graveside services will follow.  Lyman passed from this life on April 22nd, 2020.
How Long Have You Been at Broadway?

There are many of you who have a long history with Broadway, you may have grown up attending this church, your parents or even your grandparents may have been members of Broadway.  We are trying to get in touch with our oldest members, and would like to hear from you if you have been attending for over 70 years. BUT, we also want to hear from the families who have a long history here.  You may have grown up listening to stories from your grandparents or even great grandparents about this church family.  We want to hear from you as well!

If you have memories, stories, traditions associated with Broadway, please get in touch with Michele Thomas. or 806-441-8988.
Campus Center Renovation Update

Broadway’s campus center located at 2406 Broadway is 63 years old.  It is still perfectly located to be a place of outreach, refuge and spiritual growth for college students. The much needed renovation of this center will begin in a few short weeks and it’s completion next year will enhance our ability to focus on the largest mission field in Lubbock.   We still need another $330,000 to reach our $2 Million goal. If you want to be a part of this worthy project by making a donation, contact Tim Talley or Tracey Horne.


Adult Bible Class

Our new Bible class series begins this Sunday. The series is entitled Jesus Invites You to Follow taught by Andy Stanley. There will be an online ZOOM session run by Brian Fisher, Randy Porter and Brandon Fredenburg. This class will begin 15 minutes earlier than has been traditional in order to allow for people that want to participate in this online class to travel to the building. It will begin at 9:00 a.m. You will be e-mailed the ZOOM link. If you wish to just watch the video lessons they can be found at this link: Adult Curriculum

You can watch the video lessons online at any time.  They are available now.


Continuing Contributions to Broadway

Please make every effort to continue your gifts and tithes to Broadway during this exceptional situation.  Although we are not able to meet together as a church family, our fixed expenses will continue and your contributions are extremely critical.  You may continue to  give in the following ways:

    • Broadway website –
    • Broadway App
    • Bank draft – contact Tracey Horne for authorization form (806-763-0464)
    • Mail checks to:   Broadway Church of Christ

Attn: Tracey Horne

1924 Broadway

Lubbock, TX 79401

  • Drop checks in our secure drop box located at the southeast office door
  • If you would like for someone to come by your home to pick up your gift, that can be arranged as well.
Prayer Concerns

David Anderson, John and Shella Baccus, Beth Bryan, Charlotte Carnes, Jared Clark Family, John Crumpler, Kathie Davis, Deaver Family, Eric Dickey, Ashley Gauntt Family, Gossett Family, Linda Hall, Hall Family, Phyllis Hastings, Harrison Family, Savannah Higgins, Pat Hunt, Jan Morgan Family, Moncrief Family, Mullican Family, Rodney Plunket, Porter Family, Richards Family, Ritchie Family, Helen Robinson, Kathy Sanderson, Sucsy Family, Rebecca Talley, Eddie and Sharla Watson (friends of Pat Hunt), Donna Wickard and Sherrill Families, Isla Whorton.