Eddie Karl Harris
Prison Ministry – Ext. 228
Eddie is a native of Texarkana, Texas. After completing high school, He attended Southwestern Christian College in Terrell, Texas. Eddie received his Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree from Sunset International Bible Institute (SIBI). He currently serves as the Outreach/Evangelist Minister at Broadway Church of Christ in Lubbock, Texas since 2011.
As a State Approved Administrator/Instructor since 2008, he has the opportunity to teach drug and alcohol education classes for the courts system. Through the Harris DWI/Youth Education Program, Eddie schedules and teaches Adults and Minors education, rehabilitation, and re-integration into the community using a state approved curriculum. He teaches drug and alcohol prevention to at-risk middle and high school students in the public education setting. This affords him opportunities to sow seeds of prevention into our youth to help keep them from entering the Juvenile Justice system which leads to prison.
Eddie serves as Regional Director and Instructor for New-Life Behavior Ministries in the Lubbock area; in which he minister to and train volunteers to become effective servants in kingdom building. He also served as a Certified Volunteer Chaplain Assistant (CVCA) at TDCJ Montford Unit since 2013. Not only does he administer the NLBM program at the Montford, but he also ministers to the Hospice, Dialysis and Psych Unit on a weekly bases. He oversees the Baptism service thus far, as part of his outreach and under the auspice of Broadway Church of Christ.
Eddie is very passionate about what he does and being the arms and legs for Christ, and consistently looks for men and women to train as volunteers to go into the prison and jails to disciple offenders. Eddie has been involved in and serving in the prison and parole divisions since 2006.
Eddie is married to Natalie and they have five children and six grandchildren.