Curriculum: Wisdom

Our own Kaley Ihfe is writing this curriculum.  It is meant to explore an often neglected area of Scripture.  In the ancient world wisdom was greatly respected, honored, and sought after.  Wisdom enabled the one who possessed it to live their life in a way that avoided pitfalls that could be foreseen through wisdom. It also enabled the one who possessed it to live a life that had the right focus enabling them to live in alignment with the will of the Creator.  True wisdom enables this alignment in way that allows the possessor to fulfill their created potential. 
This series is intended to promote the pursuit of wisdom for us today and to demonstrate the ways that this will enable us to live our lives to honor God more fully and to empower us in fulfilling His mission for us with greater effectiveness.  We seek to Pursue God, Build Community, and Unleash Compassion more and more as we align our hearts and wills with the heart of God.
An Introduction (Prov. 1:1-7)
The Importance of Seeking Wisdom (Prov. 1, 2)
A Life of Wisdom Requires Intentionality (Prov. 3-4)
Warnings and Admonitions (Prov. 5-7)
Wisdom’s Cosmic Speech and Feast (Prov. 8-9)