Christ in Action is a community of college students eager to foster an environment where all people can meet Jesus Christ calling us deeper into life and love with God.
College can be a lot–a lot of opportunities, a lot of information, a lot of experiences. Christ in Action is committed to helping students also make a lot of friends—friends to eat midnight pancakes with, friends to dive deep into Scripture with, and friends that will last a lifetime. Don’t let college pass you by without a community surrounding you! If you’d like to connect with a community that can walk with you wherever you are in your journey, click here and fill out this form:
GATHERINGS IN COVID-19: During the current pandemic, we are committed to continuing to form community and support one another on our discipleship journeys. We have moved our normal Wednesday night gatherings onto Zoom—and with much laughter, discussion, and deepening of our discipleship. This is a great time to connect to a community during this time of isolation, and to turn our isolation into solitude with God and each other. This is also a great time to find other opportunities to serve and connect: with game nights, service opportunities, and intentional times of discipleship. If you’re interested in gathering with us online, connect with us here and we’ll send you a link:
For more information, please jump over to our official website – Just click the picture below and off you go!

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