By the Way Magazine

Broadway Church of Christ releases an in-depth magazine on a quarterly basis. This magazine covers information about almost every ministry at our church, as well as promoting upcoming events and activities. Select articles from this magazine will be posted below. The full PDF of the magazines can be found at the bottom of this page. 

Beyond the Pew with Andrew Babcock

by Tracey Horne

For most of our families, school now has been in session for just over two weeks and things are starting to feel somewhat routine as a “new normal” is established. For the Babcock family, party of six, that “new normal” reaches far beyond the afternoon dismissal bells as the whole family spends much of their week connected to the Lubbock Independent School district world.


What Good is a T-Bar?

by Karl Ihfe

Have you ever tried to learn something new? Maybe a hobby, a second language, or a computer program? When I was a kid my parents would take me, my sisters, and my brother to the mountains of New Mexico to go skiing.

I love to ski, I don’t get to do it much any more, but I sure love it. But you know what I don’t love? Learning how to ski.


Footprints in Eternity

by Rodney Thomas

Have you ever been to Glen Rose, Texas and seen the footprints of prehistoric creatures that are preserved in the rocks there? They are fascinating; they look so clear; many of them look like
they were made yesterday, and yet scientists tell us that they were made millions of years ago.


Seasons of Life

by the Harrisons

You were there with us when we first started out, two childless twenty-somethings in a big green safari tent in the middle of nowhere, naïve and excited about life in a wildly new place, learning how to take bucket baths, make new friends, conjugate Arabic verbs.



Our bulletins are distributed weekly at our weekend services. They are full of information about the church and are intended to answers questions regarding each particular Sunday. For more in-depth family info, look to the Family News. 
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Family News

Our Family News is distributed weekly at our weekend services. Intended for members and long-term visitors, it contains detailed information about the church, upcoming events, birthdays and much more than you would find in our normal bulletin. 
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