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What is the Benevolence Ministry?

Actually, it’s a combination of multiple ministries. We operate a clothing room, feed the community at Carpenter’s Kitchen, make quilts for families, support Family Promise, and much more. Here is a sample of our activities at Broadway. 

Family Promise

This ministry helps families who are on the brink of being homeless. We have two main purposes; First,  we help give hope by providing food, shelter, training, and fellowship. Second, is to help the volunteers learn to serve and fellowship with people as Christ did.  This ministry works only if we serve with mercy and humility. Contact Richard Evans at 794-7816.

Clothing Room

With this ministry we show compassion without judging. We clothe those from all walks of life whom are in need. We strive to make outsiders aware of what our church has to offer and invite them to attend. A lot of our guests want us to pray with them. This may be the only time they are involved in prayer. We always welcome new workers; we can never have too many. The clothing room is open to the public by appointment only every Tuesday morning from 9:30-11:30. Contact Joyce Boyd at 786-8991.

Mama Nel’s Library

This ministry is a way people can work off some community service hours by reading to their children every Saturday from 10a.m.-2p.m. Although we are working with people who have broken the law, they are merely people who have broken man’s law. We have all broken God’s law at some point in our lives. We endeavor to treat others as Jesus would, people just like us, having sinned and are attempting to get their life back on the right path. What better way to improve themselves than by building the bond with their children and further strengthening the core family values. We strive to be a place where people feel welcome and comforted in the knowledge that they are loved. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Jill Moudy at 239-5515.


This ministry meets the first Tuesday of each month (September-May) from 9:30-3:30. We are always seeking new members and new ways to use materials for quilts and other uses. Our purpose is to make quilts available to people in need. We give out quilts thru the Clothing Room, Carpenter’s Church, and thru the office staff. The cutting, stitching, piecing and backing of quilts provide warmth and a sense of comfort to many people in need. Contact Louise Linker at 783-0124.

Carpenter’s Kitchen

We minister to those in our community who are hurting, hungry and lost. Our goal is to treat people as if they were Jesus himself. We not only provide a meal Sunday afternoon, we provide a healing touch, a merciful smile, and an attempt to restore dignity and pride. We welcome all who come, without qualification. Come experience the touch of Jesus. Contact Camille Whitney at 806-763-0464.

Funeral Food

We provide a meal for the family when one of our members passes away. You can help this ministry by being a coordinator, making phone calls, or serving and preparing the meal. Contact Betty Keeton 866-9440 or Carole Compton 799-6127.