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The mission of the Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry is to be used by God in the transformation process of a believer’s life through relevant Bible teaching and through opportunities in classes to form Christian relationships and to engage in Christian ministry.
Most of our Sunday morning classes are involved in a coordinated curriculum that is determined by our Adult Spiritual Formation Ministry Team.  In order to aid the teachers of those classes, our Education Minister writes the curriculum that includes discussion questions and other teaching ideas that are designed to encourage class participation and personal application.  The classes that are not involved in this curriculum have very gifted teachers who have taught their class for many years.  We offer a variety of classes on Wednesday nights.
There is always an opportunity for those gifted in teaching to use that gift in this ministry. For more information on Adult Bible Classes please contact Rodney Thomas at 806-763-0464.
There are a number of options available for adult education at Broadway. We offer a rich diversity of classes for all age groups and stages of life. Anyone is welcome to attend any of our classes, no matter the age or status. Our classes are very friendly and most of our classes follow a common curriculum, but there is variety with some having classes on topics of interest that benefit that particular group. 

Available Classes

  • CLASSIC 9 – Room 138 – The median age is around 75.
  • ANCHORS – They are meeting in Room 222 – Ages 60-80.
  • ADULT 2 – Room 220 –Ages 50-70
  • BODYBUILDERS – The median age is around 60. Room 221. 
  • FOUNDATION BUILDERS – The median age is around 42. Room 218. 
  • PANTHERS – Room 18 (Lower Level) – All ages.
  • GROWING FAMILIES – Room 225 – Young couples, mostly in their mid-20s to early 30s, primarily with kids.
  • PATMOS – Room 227 – Young adults, singles and couples.
  • MANNAH (COLLEGE AGE) – Room 226 – Mostly 18 to 25.