2s and 3s Curriculum

Fall and December curriculum are the same every year. The remainder of the year cycles through the other topics below, on a 2-year rotation. 

Creation (taught in the fall of each year)

God made day and night
God made clouds and sky
God made land and seas
God made plants
God made sun, moon and stars
God made birds
God made fish
God made farm animals
God made wild animals
God made first man and woman
God made families
God made a day for worship
God made me
(Aims are to know that God is the Creator of the world around us and to respond by thanking Him)

Birth of Jesus (taught in December of each year)

Angels visit Mary and Joseph
Jesus is born
Shepherds visit
Simeon and Anna see Baby Jesus
Wisemen visit
(Jesus is a special baby, other people wanted to come and see Jesus, family love and caring)

Boyhood of Jesus

Boyhood in Nazareth Jesus was a child like them, though he did different things
Jesus at Temple being happy to go to church
Jesus is baptized doing what God wants us to do

Jesus and his friends

Jesus calls friends to help him helpers for Jesus
Jesus and Zaccheus God knows where you are
Jesus and Mary and Martha friendship
Jesus stills the storm God’s care
Jesus blesses the children Jesus loves you
The miraculous catch of fish/breakfast with Jesus Jesus is kind to friends

Stories Jesus told

Good Samaritan kindness
Good shepherd emphasis on what a good shepherd does
Loving father kindness
Wise and foolish builders
Jesus Heals
Jesus heals the Nobleman’s son kindness
10 men say thank you to Jesus being thankful
Jesus heals a blind man thankfulness for eyes
Jesus heals a man through the roof being kind
Jesus heals a deaf man thankfulness for ears


Jesus teaches us to pray talking to God
A boy shares his lunch sharing
Listening to Jesus’ words-the Sermon on the Mount learning from the Bible by listening
The children sing to Jesus showing love to Jesus by singing
Remembering Jesus

Stories about Noah

God chooses Noah and his family a family that loves God
Noah builds the ark obeying God
Living in the ark God’s care
Leaving the ark and thanking God God’s care and being thankful

Stories about Abraham

God calls Abraham for a long journey God’s care and obeying God
Abraham shares with Lot sharing
Abraham shares with visitors sharing
Baby Isaac is born loving families
Rachel is a kind helper helping

Stories of Samuel

Hannah prays for a son praying
Samuel is born God hears our prayers
Samuel goes to worship glad to go to worship
Samuel helps in the Tabernacle helping
Samuel listens to God listening to God

Stories of David

David is a good shepherd learning about a good shepherd
David takes food to his brothers obeying, helping
David and Goliath God cares for us
David and Jonathon being friends, sharing
David is kind to Mephibosheth kindness
David sings songs of praise

Stories of Moses

Baby Moses family love, God’s care
Moses helps others helpfulness
Moses leads people out of Egypt God’s care
God provides water and food God’s care
God gives 10 rules obeying, showing love
Thankful people build the tabernacle sharing, thanking God

Stories of Elijah and Elisha

Elijah fed by ravens
Elijah fed by widow (oil and meal keeps on flowing)
Elijah sees the end of the drought
Elisha – widow fills jars with oil to sel