Backpacking 2018

Our backpacking trip is a weeklong trip, trip into the Wilderness of Northern New Mexico or Colorado. We travel to the wilderness, camp and hike. We will spend a day trying to summit a mountain, spend time in silence and solitude with God in solo time, and we will serve each other as we work together to hike the trail. 

* Because of the physical nature of this trip this is a trip for High School students, with some exceptions for younger teens being granted based on your teen’s ability to carry a 25-30 pound pack for many hours, and if they have a parent attending.

There will be two meetings prior to going on this trip to help prepare our teens and adult sponsors. We will make sure that everyone has the proper equipment and will work to provide any needed equipment. We will provide food for the week while camping, and we will provide parents with a detailed itinerary. THIS IS A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING TRIP, so each teen needs to be sure to be exercising and building cardio endurance leading up to this trip!

There is something about following the example of Jesus and going to the wilderness that brings us to a place that opens our hearts to see and hear God. This trip gives our teens the opportunity to experience God without the distractions of technology that are constantly taking their focus from their relationship with God. Also there is a strong service aspect to this trip. The teens have to share the load for food, tents, water and many other basic needs. This fosters an environment that allows our teens to be served and to be servants at the same time.
Watch for meeting dates and registration.