From time to time, as with any organization, positions become available and we seek to hire new ministers and/or staff. New job opportunities at Broadway Church of Christ will be posted here.


Job Description

Primary Objective of this Position:  To provide leadership in creating and sustaining an environment that facilitates and nurtures the spiritual growth of Broadway parents and their children to encourage the growth of strong families at Broadway for the kingdom of God.

Our Belief:

It is our belief that the home is the primary place that a child will and must learn about God.  We believe God clearly states this in Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and 11:18-21.  The focus of this position will be on building intergenerational relationships that will strengthen, grow and sustain the body of believers in the role of fulfilling their mission as image bearers of God for the world.  God chose the family as the primary vehicle for spiritual development and we believe that God’s design is the very best model for us to follow.


  • Minimum preferred requirement:  A bachelor’s degree in Ministry, or a biblically related field of study and, or, extended experience of working with families.
  • Variances may be considered according to demonstrated exceptional abilities and alignment with the vision of the Broadway eldership.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

  1. To fulfill the overall vision of the Elders as spelled out in the overall Staff job description.
  2. Actively support the direction and vision that the elders provide for the Broadway church as a whole; this responsibility involves thoughtful consideration of the effect of Youth Ministry events and activities upon other Broadway ministries and the ministry of the church as a whole.
  1. This person will be tasked with designing and coordinating  a ministry plan for 7-12th grade students that defines how this ministry will aid the church in their goal of Pursuing God, Building Community, and Unleashing Compassion.
  1. Actively develop and work with a team of adults (parents of youth and other adults) and youth to collaborate in shaping the direction of the ministry and in facilitating youth events.
  1. Plan and provide Bible classes that are biblical, creative, and relevant to families and youth. This involves teaching as well as recruiting and equipping others to do the same.
  2. Coordinate and facilitate special events (retreats, mission trips, etc.) which promote spiritual growth, build a sense of community in the youth group, and provide experiences which encourage our families in serving God through serving others.
  3. Provide opportunities (outside of regular church meeting times and special events) for families to develop relationships with each other, people of other generations, in order to promote spirituality.
  4. Actively work to promote and strengthen relationship and engagement with all of our families.
  5. Actively partner with families to design a spiritual plan for families.
  6. Provide the appropriate teaching and counseling, and resources to families regarding familial relationships, life circumstances, and church direction and leadership.
    1. 11.Maintains clear, consistent, and timely communication with parents and youth regarding goals, themes, strategies, plans, and events to ensure understanding, engagement, and informed participation of all those involved.
  1. Actively participate as a professional member of the Broadway leadership team.
  1. Seek opportunities to pursue or continue relevant post-baccalaureate education and/or other professional self-development (seminars, workshops, conferences).
  2. Actively participate in children’s ministry, Transit 56, and with Campus ministry and YPG initiating relationships, promoting a sense of continuity, relational responsibility.
  3. Demonstrate organizational/managerial skills/experience.

Personal Qualities:

  1. Desires, pursues, and exemplifies a personal life that is led by God’s Spirit and His word.
  2. Exhibits maturity in working with families.
  3. Demonstrates a good understanding of youth culture.
  4. Enjoys working with families, exemplifying a warm and accepting personality that invites and builds relationships.
  5. Works harmoniously and effectively with others.
  6. Exhibits good stewardship of time and resources; demonstrates initiative in meeting goals and fulfilling responsibilities (i.e., self-starter).
  7. Possesses a servant heart, compassion, and empathy.
  8. Demonstrates excellent interpersonal communication skills; is a motivating and passionate communicator of God’s word.


Send resume, photo, written lesson, video of a lesson, or sermon, and philosophy of ministry to:

Rodney Thomas
1924 Broadway
Lubbock, Texas79401
e-mail to: r.thomas@bwaychurch.org