Lauren Rogers: One Brick at a Time

Lauren2When we first arrived in Ecuador, nobody knew what to expect. For me personally, I was worried about the language, and the food ( I am one picky eater). When they told us that we were going to visit a family that had been through a tough time, everybody stopped their worrying.

Once we arrived, there were pigs, chickens and dogs everywhere. There was a little shack, a stove and a refrigerator in the middle of what is now their yard. This family had gone through something none of us want to go through. They lost their home, and two of their kids in a flood. There is a ginormous hole where everything just vanished.

Once Janna started translating for us, it was really hard to grasp what they had gone through. As we sang for them, their faces just lit up. Natalie Lawson and i painted the little girls finger nails, while Holly Robbins helped them with the bubbles. After we prayed for them, he kept saying God is good, God is good. He showed us what he did for a living which was making bricks. He sells them at 20 cents a brick, but can only sell them every three months. Always remember, that even though you don’t have the things that make you popular, you can always remember that God is good.