Kyle Rogers: Turning Tables

kylepicWOW!   We think we have it bad at home when the TV quits, or the car breaks down, or our favorite shirt is still in the dirty clothes waiting to be washed.  In reality we have no problems at all.  

On Wednesday night a group of us went to visit a family.  Not just any family, but an amazing one!  We stood and prayed, sang, and visited where their house once stood.  It had been washed away when a flood came through from a reservoir up the mountain.  It washed their house and most all of their possessions away.  We watched as the kids played, the chickens wandered around us and the pigs enjoyed their quarters with a roof over their heads.  

The same thing happened to this same family several years back when they lived across the road only that time they lost a 4 and a 6 year old child in the flood.  Through all of this the gentleman in the picture stood there and told us that God was good and that he and his family would be ok and would recover from this as well. That my friends is faith! A faith I can only hope to have.
I set out this evening to hopefully bless a family with the supplies we took them and the songs and the prayers ,  but the tables were turned and I was the one who was truly blessed.  Thank you God!