August 3-5

REMIND is a fun spirit filled weekend for our Middle School students and their parents. As our kids are transitioning into adolescence, we want to remind them that although their bodies and minds and even the world around them is changing, God does not. The truths they learned as younger children do not change. At the same time we are emphasizing this with our youth, we are also reminding the parents that we have a responsibility to continue to guide are kids even on the days they push against us. And on the days they turn into someone we don’t exactly recognize, we still love them, we still have a relationship with them even if it looks a little different now. 
During this weekend, we will spend time honoring and serving each other. We will have fun building relationships and support between parents and relationships among the kids. Our goal is to give space to bless our kids in ways that might not be possible or available at home.
Watch for registration.