Jason Rogers: Laguna de Cotacachi

Jason1This week has been incredible!  We have had almost every moment filled with ministering to the people around us.  Every morning we are traveling to Tabacundo to do VBS in two public schools, where we have met and had the chance to get to know many wonderful kids.  We share lunch with Kids from the Christian Academy near camp. In the afternoons we have VBS here at Camp Bellevue for the kids who participate in the after school program.  Then we have been going into town, taking supplies to families in need, sharing Jesus, singing, and prayer with these families.  I have seen God at work here in Ecuador this week.  He is touching the hearts of our team as they work to be the hands and feet of Jesus!

With all that activity this week, we needed a rest, so on Saturday we took some time off to be tourists and go to several “touristy” locations.  First, we went to Otavalo to the artisan market where we had a chance to shop and experience Ecuadorian culture.  We were able to purchase souvenirs and share some great times that are sure to be cherished memories.  Then we traveled to Laguna de Cotacachi, an active crater lake at around 10,000 feet altitude.  It is an incredibly deep, clear, cold lake that resides at the top of a volcano.  We traveled there, had lunch at a restaurant on the side of the lake and then got in a boat and went out on the water.

Jason2It will be impossible to describe how beautiful, and awe inspiring it was to see God’s creation and to experience the joy of that awe with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  But I find it interesting that after a whole week of experiencing God through working with kids and doing service, we were also able to profoundly experience God through His awesome creation.  God is Good!  

On the way home there was a feeling of true joy and camaraderie as Greg and Kyle led us in fun songs, as we all laughed and enjoyed the end of our day of rest together.

I am looking forward to today (Sunday) as we are preparing to go to church, as we are about to experience God in another incredible way! I am looking forward to the rest of our time here as we complete our VBS with the kids Monday and Tuesday, and I look forward to seeing the impact God is having on the lives of our Ecuador Mission Team.