Jason Rogers: Almost an End

Our Ecuadorian friendsLast night, (Monday) we were able to have one final meal with the kids in the Casas at Hacienda of Hope. This is something we have been doing all week, and each of us had the opportunity to dine with all three Casas during our time here.  We were blessed to share food and conversation with the kids who have been blessed by the Hacienda of Hope and we have been truly blessed by the kids, house parents and staff.  After dinner we we able to gather together for a devotional with the kids one last time.  We sang together in both spanish and english, we prayed together, we talked about God and we said our tearful goodbyes (mostly just the older men of our group).

Today, we traveled one last time into Tabacundo to do VBS at the two public schools.  When we arrived the kids were excited as always, but they seemed even more excited than normal.  Some of them even cheered as we walked into the courtyard.  We soon discovered that they had prepared a presentation for us!  After we did VBS the kids, teachers and even some parents gathered in the courtyard as one group of girls performed a traditional Ecuadorian dance, one group of older kids played instruments and sang for us and a group of younger kids performed a fun dance as our teens joined them for the big finale!

Our time here in Ecuador is almost at an end.  I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity to serve God here in Ecuador.  I feel so blessed to have had the chance to serve with this AMAZING mission team.  And I feel blessed to have had the love and support of all the Broadway family who have helped to make this mission trip possible.

It never ceases to amaze me how when I go to do God’s work and try to bless people in Jesus’ name, I always end up feeling like the one who has been blessed!