Greg Lawson: Goliath

I’m just a simple giant that likes to intimidate and kill the little David and David-etts of Ecuador.

The day started quite simply by putting on my felt armor and grabbing my shield and sword to go and taunt the little people, but the people running the VBS just wanted to kill Goliath. The children armed with stones made of ping pong balls with velcro were more than happy to oblige.

They divided the children into teams according to the color of their stones. Each child was given 2 stones to throw and Goliath. The winning team was the team that managed to stick the most stones to Goliath’s armor and shield. But when the game was over the real fun began. With 184 colored stones and one bonus stone the children were allowed to attack without mercy. The laughter and squeals of delight could be heard above and below the equator and that was just from me. After Goliath was covered in velcro stones the VBS crew called off the Davids and the children were allowed to remove the stones from Goliath’s armor and repeat the process again.  

Just before the time for station change, the children were asked if Goliath needed a hug, and they responded with a resounding “Si!!” Goliath barely had time to brace himself before the human wave hit him. 20-25 David’s took him to the ground for a giant Goliath dog pile. I will take great joy from this group hug for the rest of my life.  

PS…. I have requested we get a felt suit of armor made for Sunshine school along with 100 ping pong ball stones and although I’m not a doctor I will give you this prescription for stress relief. Take your lunch hour, go to Sunshine school, put the felt armor on and allow 20-25 pre-schoolers to chase you around the playground pelting you with velcro stones until you have laughed and smiled so much that your face hurts and you’ve forgotten what you were stressed about in the first place. I can guarantee that it won’t take long before you will want to make a monthly appointment for stress relief.

~ Greg “Goliath” Larson