Eddie Karl Harris
Prison Ministry

Eddie moved to Lubbock in November 2006. He joined Monterey C.O.C in December 2006. He has worked in the prison ministry at the Montford Unit with the Kairos International Prison Ministry since 2009. A member of the Emmaus community and prison outreach, Eddie is also a Volunteer Chaplain at the Montford Unit in Lubbock.

In January 2008 Eddie began working in the court system as a DWI instructor in Lubbock. In September 2010, Eddie met Rodney Thomas and opened Harris DWI/Youth Education Program at Broadway Youth Center and coordinated with His Free World Fellowship Ministry in hosting (EX-Con) Vention which is a yearly convention for men and women, boys and girls who became involved through prison experience but are now productive citizens in our community. He joined Broadway Jail Ministry in October 2011 and then joined Broadway Staff in May 2012 where he currently serves as the Prison Ministry Developer.

He is married to his high school classmate Natalie who moved here from Texarkana, Texas in June 2011. She brings 32 years of educational experience to Lubbock and currently works in LISD district as an Administrator at Whiteside Elementary. Eddie and Natalie together have 5(five) children and four grandchildren.