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    Youth Mission Trip

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    Camp Blessing is a summer camp that caters to Special needs children and adults, giving them the chance to have a week at summer camp and an encounter with God in an accepting, loving and safe environment.  We will be going as volunteers to help our week of Camp Blessing be what God wants it to be.  We will be there on “Term 6”- sibling week.  This mean that campers will have a sibling come to camp with them.  We will be helping the siblings and special needs kids.

    Our teens will be involved in one of three ways depending on their age and abilities:

    Middle School- Our middle school age teens will work the week as “Barnstormers.”  Barnstormers spend the week working on a fun team that is responsible for projects around camp that help it run smoothly.  You will be especially needed to help with meals and cleanup.  However it is not ALL work, there will be time everyday to interact with the campers, build relationships with them and each other, have fun, and worship God. You will stay in a cabin all week with your fellow Barnstormers.

    High School- Our high school teens will be “Counselors.” Counselors will be involved in one-on-one care for an individual with special needs.  You will stay in the same cabin with your special friend and you will be with them during the day to help them have an awesome week of camp!  You will be there as they experience God through all the relationships and activities of the week.

    There is also another category, for those who are kind of in between called 

    “Junior Counselors.” This is for those who are ready to graduate from Barnstormer, but not yet feel ready to be a full counselor.  Junior Counselors will stay in the cabins with the older teens and special friends, and will be responsible to help counselors with all the day-to-day tasks that need to happen.  There are only a few of these spots open, so if you think this is the spot for you please talk to Jason.

    We will attend class together, Sunday morning, July 17. Then load up to leave.  We will spend the night close to camp (hopefully with a church, but maybe a hotel instead) and then arrive at Camp Blessing between 2pm and 3pm on Monday afternoon.  Camp is over on Saturday at 3pm.  We are going to take a day to reflect and examine what God showed us/taught us at Camp Blessing, so we will worship in the morning and then find a fun activity to do on Sunday, and take some time to rejuvenate ourselves.  We will have some great conversations about our week!  We will get up on Monday morning and head home. We should be home no later than 7pm on Monday, July 25th

    Advance preparation times will be added to the calendar soon!

    What to bring lists will be available in May!

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