Bible Classes

Kingdom Builders Bible ClassesIf you want to know what your child is learning in Bible Class and who their teachers are, you have come to the right place!

 Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights our children are  welcomed to dynamic and age-appropriate Bible classes that help our kids understand the story of God.  We learn not just about what He has done but about what He is still doing in our world.  The stories we read in the Bible are our stories, they are our history and we are part of the Story of God that He is still writing.  

Who is teaching your children?

Nursery Nursery Coordinator Leah Gregersen
Infants Judy Linker, MaryAnn Loveless, Ann Sims & Barb Sucsy
Crawlers Rhonda Peacock
Toddlers Carole Compton, Kim Baccus
2s & 3s Carla Stence, Erin Cotton
4s & 5s Vince & Mikael-Anne Nieves
Kindergarten Brian & Kim Fisher
1st Grade Celeste Gisonno
2nd & 3rd Grade Margo Blake, Janie Harms, Shelly Reid and Margaret Trussell
4th Grade Lee & Karen Flores
Transit 56 Parent Teachers
Nursery John & Leah Gregersen
Preschool Sara Clark and teen helpers
Elementary Nan Camp, Jennifer Porter
Transit 56 Doug Sims, Bob Coers

Yearly Curriculum

Our classes operate on a rotating curriculum. Every 1-2 years, the entire curriculum beings again. Chose from the ages below to see what they will be studying throughout the year.
2nd and 3rd Grade (2 year curriculum)
5th and 6th Grade (2 year curriculum)