Did you miss a Sunday and would like to catch up? Or maybe you’d like to learn a little more about Broadway by listening to some of our messages. Whatever the reason, we’re glad you decided to drop by. Choose a series or topic below to be taken to a page where you can listen online. 

Sermon Series

On Mission is our 3-week series leading up to Mission Sunday. We will focus on our mission points a round the world and our current and future. missionaries.
Our 6-week Lenten series that cover chapters 11-15 of the book of Mark. 
This is our 3-week series launching our WORDD511 campaign. 
Our 4-week series introducing our new campaign as we learn that being a good neighbor is very different than being the person our neighborhood needs. 
Name Above All Names
Our 5-week advent series focusing on the name of Jesus, the Name Above All Names and his titles as found in Isaiah 9.
Staying Faithful in Exile
A Long Way From Home: Staying Faithful in Exile is a 9-week series that tells the story of Esther and others who found themselves in a strange place and still honored God.
3-week series introducing our renewed Vision Statement: Pursue God, Build Community and Unleash Compassion.
This 3-week series will act as the introduction to our new campaign beginning in January of 2017.
Luke - Unexpected Jesus
Unexpected Jesus – the Gospel of Luke is our Fall ’16 series

looking at how Jesus often turns out to be different from what we expect.

connected3d small
This is a 3-week look at the technology we control… or does it control us?
Let Go slide
Our 7-week Lenten series calling us to renew our commitment to the implication of the resurrection in our lives, here and now. 
Bway Sermon Series
This is a collection of Sunday morning messages that don’t fall under a specific series, e.g. Mother’s Day, etc. 


Book of Revelation
Dr. Rodney Thomas teaches the book of Revelation in the Anchor’s class on Sunday mornings.
1st Corinthians
Dr. Rodney Thomas teaches the book of 1st Corinthians in a Wednesday night bible class series.
The Men’s Ministry at church hosts hosts multiple events.. The speakers for the events are streamed here.
Torah Class
Lynn Harms teaches a Wednesday evening class on the first five books of the Bible, known as the Torah. 
Marriage Reminders
A time for couples to remember what we like about marriage and how we do marriage well. 
Taught by Randy & Jennifer Porter, this class focuses on how to show love to your children in a way they understand it best.