Amy Cogburn and Greg Larson: Sunday Night Devo

cogburn1Sunday started with Sunday school and church blended with the congregation at the camp.   Then we had a period of rest to get ready for the afternoon and the unknown. We helped with a youth gathering where there were about 100 kids that came from Tabacundo, Cayambe, the Hacienda and the church.  All of the youth were split into groups and went to stations.  There was a tattoo and photo booth, volleyball, limbo and a group started with ships and sailors and it turned into a game of basketball when the language barrier got in the way.

Then we combined all the groups into two teams and they ran an obstacle course.  The sponsors from Broadway manned the stations of the course.  They walked a beam and landed on a platform and had to cross the monkey bars, from there they had to walk to the meeting area where they were supposed to hop on one foot to the obstacle course.  They had to cross the ropes course and climb over the rope web. From there they went up the hill and each team formed a circle and had to pass a hula hoop around the circle while holding hands.  After that each member of the team had to attempt to do 5 cartwheels.  Oh and I forgot to mention one member of the team had to be blindfolded through the whole thing.  All of the kids and our youth worked well together to finish the course and seemed to have lots of fun.
We had hot dogs for dinner and fellowshipped with the kids some more.  Then it was off to the fire pit for s’mores.  I guess I never thought about people not knowing what s’mores are but most of the kids last night had no idea.  We teamed up with kids to help them roast their marshmallows and then they brought them to the sandwich station for 3-4 of us to assemble the s’mores for the kids.  They seemed to be a big hit.  I (Amy) had to laugh when Jhon (John) came up to me and said he needed a partner, Jhon is one of our interpreters and is a high school senior, I asked him why he needed a partner and he said he didn’t know how to not burn marshmallows so I grabbed a stick with a couple of marshmallows and showed him how to roast them to a nice golden brown.
The kids that had come up from Cayambe had to leave after the s’mores, so we regrouped with the ones that were left and started singing.  I don’t know that I have ever heard anything as beautiful as blending songs in English and in Spanish praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Greg sat at the top of the fire pit opposite from the group that was singing and videoed us singing.  We wanted to share the beauty of the experience with all of you, so make sure you take the time to watch the video.
After all the kids went home we had some time with just the Broadway group.  We were asked what our favorite moment from the week was and honestly it’s hard to pick just one. Amy’s favorite parts were sometimes fun and sometimes very heartbreaking.  My first favorite thing would have to be when we went to the senior citizen center in Tabacundo on Tuesday night.  I think Travis covered this in his post the other day so I won’t repeat it.  On Wednesday night it was a much more heartbreaking moment when we visited a woman fighting for her life in a battle with Leukemia. She and her 4 children lived with her mother in a very small house owned by her sister.  She and her mother are unable to work and her sister doesn’t want them living in her house any longer.  I have loved every minute of the VBS we’ve done. The kids light up when they see us walk into the school.  The hugs, high fives and fist bumps are the best. This has been such a fun trip and it’s hard to believe that it’s almost over.
Greg’s favorite parts were sitting across the pit from the whole group Sunday night videoing the singing and devotional and hearing the songs sung first in Spanish and then in English then blended.  When the songs were blended you could hear parts from both languages and it was very evident that we all worship and serve the same God.  
My week started out rough at the airline ticket counter in Lubbock.  When I was told I may not be going to Ecuador.  But with an extra night in Houston while the group continued to Ecuador I was able to clear my passport issues and fly to Ecuador 3.5 hours late, because of delayed flights.  We arrived at camp and 3am fell asleep for a couple of hours then got up and started our mission.  The week has been a blur filled with the sweetest smiling faces.  I too can’t believe that the trip is almost over and I’m already looking forward to my trip in 2 years.