4th Grade Curriculum


Ascension and the Upper Room; Acts 1:1-26
The Coming of The Holy Spirit; Acts 2:1-13
Peter’s Sermon; Acts 2:14-41
The Believers Become the 1st Church; Acts 2:42-47
Peter Heals a Crippled Man; Acts 3:1-10
Peter’s Second Sermon; Acts 3:11-4:3a
Imprisonment, Defense, and Release; Acts 4:3b-31
All Things in Common-Ananias and Sapphira; Acts 4:32-5:11
Apostles Jailed and Released; Acts 5:12-42
First Deacons; Acts 6:1-7
Stephen; Acts 6:8-8:3
Philip in Samaria; Acts 8:4-24


Ethiopian Eunuch; Acts 8:25-40
The Answer Is Review 2
Saul’s Conversion; Acts 9:1-19a
Saul Begins to Preach; Acts 9:19b-31
Dorcas; Acts9:32-43
Cornelius; Acts 10:1-48
Peter’s Report; Acts 11:1-18
Church At Antioch; Acts 11:19-30


Advice From Peter’s Letters; I and II Peter
Peter’s Arrest and Deliverance; Acts 12:1-19
Advicce from Peter’s Letters, Con’t; I and II Peter
Death of Herod; Acts 12:19b-24
The Answer is Review 3
Barnabas and Saul in Cyrus; Acts 12:25-13:12
Pisidian Antioch; Acts 13:13-52
Iconium; Acts 14:1-7
Lystra; Acts 14:8-20a
The Way Back; Acts 14:21-28
The Jerusalem Council; Acts 15:1-15
The Split; Acts 15:36-41
Character Studies:John, Mark, Silas, Timothy, and Barnabas; Acts 16:1-16:3
Character Studies Con’t: John Mark, Silas, Timothy, and Barnabas
Lead By God; Acts 16:4-10


Philippi -Lydia; Acts 16:11-15
Philippi-The Demonic Girl and The Jailor; Acts 16:16-40
Berea; Acts 17:10-15
Athens; Acts 17:16-34
Corinth; Acts 18:1-17
Ephesus-Miracles and Magic; Acts 19:11-20
Ephesus-Trouble; Acts 19:21-20:1
Travels and Farewell to Ephesus; Acts 20:13-38
Seized in the Temple; Acts 21:27-36
The Conspiracy to Kill Paul; Acts 23:12-35
Paul Before Felix; Acts 24:1-27
Paul Before Festus; Acts 25:1-22
Paul Before Agrippa; Acts 25:23-26:32
Paul Sails For Rome and Shipwreck; Acts 27:1-44
Malta; Acts 28:1-10
Rome; Acts 28:11-29